Biomutant: here's where to buy it at the best price

Biomutant: here's where to buy it at the best price
Update 31 August 2020: updated article with the best prices on the market!

The name of Biomutant has been circulating within the videogame sector for several years now without ever being fully revealed. After a long wait, the very peculiar Action-RPG of Experiment 101 has finally decided to return to show itself in a new, long and crackling trailer. Although THQ Nordic, publisher of the title, has not yet revealed a launch date, it is clear that there seems to be a lot of meat in the fire in Biomutant and, waiting to learn more, it therefore seems a decidedly appropriate choice to book from now the title. All, of course, taking advantage of the best offers on the market.

A title with the ambitions and reach of Biomutant certainly could not avoid receiving numerous special editions, which allow any player to find the most appropriate one.

Standard Edition

As always, the basic edition is present as the very first choice, ie the one that, to be clear, contains the game and little else. This is the perfect edition for anyone who is primarily interested in playing games and does not need all the bonuses and gadgets contained in the more expensive versions of the title.

Collector's Edition

The Collector's Edition of Biomutant, which you can also see on the side, contains a large number of very interesting objects. The figurine depicting the protagonist of the title certainly plays the part of the lion, but there are also an Artwork on fabric, the soundtrack of the game and, of course, a package with premium features.

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