LEC: Fnatic break the curse of G2!

LEC: Fnatic break the curse of G2!
It sounds crazy to say but 874 days have passed since Fnatic won a Series against G2, but they finally managed to break their curse!

G2 and Fnatic have always represented the purest form of rivalry throughout the history of League of Legends.

In any other Region there are no two teams as close as they are!

They know each other, fear each other, respect each other and together they grow and improve with a single goal: to destroy their rival.

They had a particularly stormy start to the season between serious personal problems and desire to try new strategies, throughout the first part of Split they found themselves with a handful of flies.

"There is nothing more important than beating the G2"

FNC Rekkles Yet at the conclusion of the Split, it was thanks to the victory of the G2 over the Excel Esports that Fnatic saved themselves and qualified for the Playoffs: a proof of how pure and honest their competition is.

Why be defeated? Why let a rookie opponent pass? Why throw Fnatic out in this unworthy way?

Let's face it, what better adventure companion than Fnatic to go to the World Cup?

In the wake of these events and emotions, the Semifinal of the Playoffs was held on Saturday 29th August: G2 VS FNC.

Breathtaking matches, marked by a continuous alternation of scoreboard: 1 to 0 for the FNCs, a draw for the G2s and again the attack by the FNCs until the end with a 3 - 2 for the same.

It is legitimate to give the right honor to both opponents and, above all , you have Fnatic who have been able to mentally prepare for the meetings by deploying impeccable strategies.

Their MVP? Without a doubt Selfmade: he dominated with ALL his picks: Hecarim, Lillia and Gragas.

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