Xbox Series X: price and blue controller revealed by a reseller?

Xbox Series X: price and blue controller revealed by a reseller?
After the rumors regarding the price of the PlayStation 5 that have occurred in the past week, to end up in the spotlight recently is Xbox Series X. The latest rumors focus on the price list of a well-known British chain that seems to have revealed both the price of the next gen Microsoft console, and the existence of a blue controller. All this was also reported in a new video by the videogame journalist Alanah Pearce.

As you can see from the images appeared on the net, the price list of the well-known British retailer has added some new features including price. Obviously, the product that attracts the most attention is Xbox Series X, which according to the price list should be sold at launch at a price of $ 499.99. As for the controllers, they appear on the list at a price of $ 59.99 in three different colors: black, white and blue.

Xbox Series X Price Leak From Retailer! Watch Alanah Pearce Vid

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Obviously at the moment Microsoft has not yet officially revealed neither the price nor the specific launch date of the Xbox Series X. What appeared recently on the list therefore, it is likely that for now it remains a simple placeholder placed there by the British retailer on hold of new official information. Another curiosity, it is likely that the blue pad may also be compatible with the elusive Xbox Series S already mentioned on the white controller packaging that appeared on the net a few weeks ago.

We just have to wait for confirmations or denials from the Redmond company that, according to the launch period of the next gen console, should not be long in coming. What do you think of the appearance of the Series X price on the list of a British retailer? Do you think it is the right price at which to sell the console?

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