Xbox Series S: Is the announcement expected in a few weeks?

Xbox Series S: Is the announcement expected in a few weeks?
The new generation of consoles is making you wait perhaps even longer than it should. There is still a lot of information missing from both the Xbox Series X and the PlayStation 5, and although we've already seen several Sony and Microsoft communications appointments, none of them have been totally exhaustive on next-gen machines. Now, according to a well-known insider, it looks like Microsoft is finally ready to unveil the Xbox Series S.

This isn't the first rumor about an upcoming announcement of the cheaper version of the next-generation Xbox; already this morning some images of a white controller that appeared on the web have rekindled the debate on the existence of Xbox Series X. To return to the subject is Jeff Grubb, the Venturebeat journalist who throughout the summer has repeatedly talked about hottest topics about the next gen.

I'm sorry. I looked at the calendar wrong. It's within three weeks.

- grubbsnax is back (@JeffGrubb) August 9, 2020

According to Grubb's statements, released as usual on his Twitter account, the Xbox Series S announcement would be scheduled for the next three weeks starting today. This means that we could see a new Microsoft digital event by the end of August and maybe we will be able to know more not only about the second console of the Xbox next gen family, but also about possible prices and launch dates.

We just have to wait for new developments on the new generation of consoles to understand if we will finally have the latest crucial information that is still missing. What do you think of Jeff Grubb's latest statements? Do you think a Series S announcement by the end of August is plausible? Tell us yours in the comments section.

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