Chasing Storm Isaias in Microsoft Flight Simulator - article

Chasing Storm Isaias in Microsoft Flight Simulator - article
Sometimes it is good to stop and talk about the weather. In recent days, in one of my Whatsapp groups, a friend started talking to us about the violent disturbance that is affecting the area where he lives. In fact, Storm Isaias recently devastated Carolina before heading menacingly towards Virginia, New Jersey and the East Coast of the United States of America. It is a rather brutal weather phenomenon that has left millions of people without electricity (my friend who lives in Connecticut has been without power for days) and, even worse, has taken so many lives with it. I was curious to watch the storm closely and I was able to do it in complete safety thanks to the new Microsoft Flight Simulator.

The weather in real time (or almost) is one of the most interesting features of the new Microsoft simulator: i data are acquired by the Meteoblue platform and are combined with complex predictive algorithms to obtain results as close to reality as possible. Obviously, I am not a meteorologist, I cannot confirm with certainty the authenticity of the reproduction and my method of analyzing atmospheric phenomena is not particularly scientific. What I can say, though, is that when I went to check on Windy (a site that specializes in tracking weather events), Isaias's progress was incredibly similar to what he displayed in the Flight Simulator.

To begin with, I have set the point of take-off from Richmond International Airport and I headed north to chase the tail of the storm Isaias. The experience, as you might imagine, was not of the best: the sky is dark, strong gusts of wind and driving rain result in a visibility close to zero. They are relatively a "newbie" with regards to flight simulators, therefore, despite the fact I had to stick to the rules for a safe trip and have to rely on the software to maintain a course of constant, I decided to launch directly into the eye of the storm to get an idea of what it means to fly in such extreme conditions.

An aircraft acrobatic as in the Extra 330LT is handled even in the heavens the most adverse conditions, the Cessna 172, however, is shaken by the cloud cover while a short trip to the edge of the Daher TBM 940 has made me thankful that I can stay on firm ground for the foreseeable future. In this last plane, especially, I have experienced the thrill of losing hundreds of feet in altitude at a terrific speed because of pockets of turbulence. It wasn't particularly pleasant, I can assure you.

all in All, though, is a good scenario to get acquainted with the system of management controls of Microsoft Flight Simulator and is also an excellent way for the simulator of the Redmond company to show their real potential. The most impressive thing, however, is that even in the distressing darkness of a violent storm, Microsoft Flight Simulator is absolutely beautiful. On the track, the rain falls almost horizontally because of the force of the wind. The drops of water produced by storm run realistically on the windows of the aircraft, and are projected anywhere from the power of the propellers.

A captured image in the state of Connecticut, which, fortunately, has seen just one more example mild violence of Isaias. Most beds now

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the altitude is lower, it is possible to admire the panorama of the Virginia but it is only going up beyond the clouds that you can see the real show. Climbing to nearly 4,000 feet, it is possible to overcome the cloud cover, and enjoy a few moments of quiet as the storm moves away on the horizon, the terrible disruption to shake and flashes at a distance while we are safe from his blind fury. These are the moments where Microsoft Flight Simulator is able to cut the breath giving it to the player, at the same time, an idea of the weather conditions that people are forced to deal with, from the other side of the world. It really is a great game, beyond all expectations.

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