Books, good intentions and training: some ideas

Books, good intentions and training: some ideas
As summer ends, a new season begins. Loaded with good intentions, it is time to choose where you intend to direct your efforts, knowing full well that continuous training is the best way to always stay on the market and constantly increase your career opportunities (clearly fundamental at a time like that today, full of uncertainties and difficulties). Choosing a good book is like choosing a direction: it means identifying what you intend to focus your mental resources on, looking for those notions that can stimulate new growth or cover old deficiencies.

A good book from which leave

The excursus we propose is above all a way to stimulate curiosity in this research, because browsing the range of available opportunities already means being at least prepared for a commitment. Some names, some ideas, some prospects to start from:

Why fonts matter

To fully understand fonts, their influence, their uses, their importance Hacklog Volume 1 Anonymity: Handbook on IT Security and Ethical Hacking

“Born as a crowdfunding project, Hacklog Volume 1: Anonymity is the first of a collection of books designed for those who want to try their hand at Hacking and IT Security. You will learn to use the tools that real hackers use daily to escape from controls, to hide your most hidden files (and even to recover them!) And to get to know the vast world of anonymity more closely "Link building

Methods, rules and tools to improve the positioning of your website Build your own blockchain

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