Apple closes the Epic Games profile (those of Fortnite) on the App store

Apple closes the Epic Games profile (those of Fortnite) on the App store

The Cupertino company goes to the hard way in the clash with the Fortnite developer. Game updates and new apps blocked

(Photo: Epic Games) Apple has decided to close the account of Epic Games, the developer of Fortnite, on the App store, thus preventing the developer from providing new apps or updates of the video game to iPhone, iPad and Mac users.

The Cupertino company wants to put an end to the war that arose between the two companies when Epic Games has decided to introduce an internal payment system for its contents extra thus bypassing that of the Apple Store. By doing so, he would no longer have to deliver 30% of the proceeds to Apple, as agreed in the terms of service.

The same also happened with Google, but the Mountain View giant limited himself to removing Fortnite from the Play Store for violation of the agreements and therefore Android users can still download and update the game from the official page of the site, as well as Samsung users from the Galaxy Store.

Following the blocks of Apple and Google, the developer of Fortnite has decided to open a legal battle which, at the moment, has proved the two tech giants right. "The court has recommended that Epic abide by the App Store guidelines as their case progresses," writes Apple in a statement reported by Tech Crunch.

The total block

Despite the obligation to comply with the guidelines of the stores imposed by the court, Epic Games continued to send Fortnite updates. But as they violated the guidelines for Apple, new measures arrived. At first, the stop focused only on the video game, as Epic Games explained last week.

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