Will Marvel be enough to revive the Fortnite machine? (Video)

Will Marvel be enough to revive the Fortnite machine? (Video)
Fortnite Chapter 2 has just launched its season 4, The Knot of Conflict, in full partnership with Marvel and its superheroes. A great partnership to relaunch a losing free-to-play super-machine?

If Fortnite has multiplied partnerships with Marvel for each major release of a Marvel Cinematic Universe film, and with many In a timely fashion, the most popular Battle Royale of the moment had never achieved an entire season-wide collaboration. Season 4, The Node of Conflict, of Fortnite Chapter 2 will offer a complete adventure in the world of superheroes: skins, general scenario, temporary events ... Until, we imagine, a spectacular final conflict facing at the terrible Galactus at the end of the season that we hope will be as breathtaking as the best past events of the cult royal battle. But will this prestigious partnership be enough to relaunch Fortnite, presumed to be declining ... Is Epic Games' star game really? We take stock of a season in balance between promoting the very large Marvel Derivatives Universe and winning back players who have left Fortnite.

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