What is the SCP Foundation and what does it have to do with urban legends

What is the SCP Foundation and what does it have to do with urban legends

An introduction to the Scp Foundation, the collective writing project that has reinvented the legendary contemporary since 2007

A brochure of the Scp Foundation visible in the independent video game Scp -Containment breach (image: SCP: CB / CC BY-SA ) Despite social media, the internet remains a place capable of creating wonders. One of these is the Scp Foundation, a community of writers that since 2007 has been building a complex alternative universe, populated by monsters and anomalies, which we can access with a click. Their creations have inspired books, a play, and above all video games.

Minecraft Scp mods, the game to build worlds, are one of the most famous examples. Thanks to these versions, it is possible to find in the videogame the places and creatures described on the Foundation's website. Many players come to the Foundation from these spin-offs, and according to Google some of them naively ask themselves if this secret society really exists, which has the mission of securing, containing and protecting (S ecure, C ontain , P rotect, or Special Containment Procedures) creatures, places or things that violate the laws of nature, and therefore society could not tolerate.

Obviously the answer is no, just read the Faq on the site, which it also has an Italian branch: the Scp Foundation is a collective writing project, and its creations exist only and exclusively in the universe of the Foundation itself.

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