The most famous urban legends of all time

The most famous urban legends of all time

Some work so well that, thanks to pop culture, they become universal. Let's review 5 of the most famous

(photo: Ldf via Getty Images) Whether you recognize them as such or not, urban legends are part of folklore. And this, before giving the title to Taylor Swift's album, is the set of traditions and beliefs shared by a group. Urban legends are therefore an essential part of being human, no less than music.

But if it is easy to make popularity charts for songs, for example by counting sales, it is more complicated to understand how much a ' expression of folklore may be famous. At this time there are urban legends limited to a limited geographical area, of which not even folklorists are aware. Yet this does not mean they are potentially less significant. Reasoning in a similar way to music, it is however possible to isolate some urban legends that stand out among the many, precisely because they have become universal. We recognize them well, because they are often the most exploited by pop culture, and therefore cinema, comics, literature and music.

The alligators (albinos) in the sewers of New York

It's the legend subway par excellence. Born at the beginning of the last century, the history of this community of monsters created involuntarily is universally known, although it concerns a very specific area and for the most exotic.

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