The best VPNs of 2020: prices and features

The best VPNs of 2020: prices and features
VPNs are becoming increasingly popular in IT environments, not only because of the latest world events, but also because everyone has realized how useful and necessary they are if you want more online security. There are tons of VPN services available online, all of which offer the same service in practice, but there are some that do it better than others, both in quality of service and stability. In this article we will go to see the best VPNs currently on the market, analyzing their strengths and weaknesses, so as to give you a general idea.

A VPN can be useful in various situations, one of these is what you are spreading more recently, i.e. remote work, which risks being unsafe if done without using a VPN. Then there are many other possible applications, some not very legal, maybe you just want to have more privacy and security while browsing, or you want to appear in a different country than where you really are. So a VPN can be useful in many areas, and it is always recommended to have one.

What functions a VPN must have

To be usable and valid a VPN must have specific functions, which are standard for all VPNs on the market. In general, a VPN must guarantee the anonymity and security of those who use it, thanks to decryption protocols that encrypt the data so as to make it unreadable for the bad guys. So, to be effective, a VPN must be reliable, secure and must not affect the internet connection too much, so as not to ruin the user experience.

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