On Youtube, the new successful creators focus on horror

On Youtube, the new successful creators focus on horror

From JayStation in the United States to Gianmarco Zagato in Italy, videos with thrilling content, much loved by teenagers, grow on Youtube

Snapshot of a video on Youtube by PIT - Paranormal Investigation Team A current on Youtube recently of horror themed videos seems to have thrilled teenagers all over the world. After the exploit in the United States, scary movies are finding a following in Italy too thanks to the contents of some local authors. The views rise dramatically and at the same time the notoriety of these web stars increases. Across the Atlantic, the reliability of these videos has been questioned, while in Italy the creators can enjoy growing popularity that has led them to sign bestsellers and launch merchandising lines.

The boom of horror videos on the web

According to a research by the American organization Common Sense Media published by the Washington Post newspaper, in 2015 the viewing of online videos was ranked fifth in terms of multimedia activities preferred by teenagers, after TV, music, video games and mobile games. Since 2019, online videos have claimed first place, demonstrating the importance of portals like Youtube.

And lately on Youtube horror vloggers are the most popular among teenagers. First of all Jaystation (more than 1 billion views in total), then Jester (11 million views with the most viewed horror) and HipeMike (9.2 million). All American youtubers dedicated to the genre, who in the previews often show images of knives, blood and violent elements.

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