Street Power Football | Review, the return of freestyle football?

Street Power Football | Review, the return of freestyle football?
When we talk about video games related to the world of football we find ourselves, often before and now almost always, facing a duopoly situation: EA Sports on the one hand, Konami on the other. Yes, because FIFA and Pro Evolution Soccer have essentially taken control of the market in recent decades, where to find football titles other than the two mentioned it is necessary to move to a different type of product: Football Manager, the very Italian Football Drama and the recent Captain Tsubasa are in fact very valid examples, children of a category of products detached from the scenario of the most canonical football games. It is in the latter juncture that Street Power Football, a SFL Interactive title available from 25 August, tries to carve out its own space as an alternative to the most famous brands in this sense.

Will it have succeeded? The presence of a community of aficionados linked to works of the genre - such as the classics FIFA Street or the new Volta mode - is an excellent base on which to start, let's find out together how it went.

Street Power Football, from the street with fury

It was 2005 when the world embraced the aforementioned FIFA Street for the first time: a variant of the main series that promised players hours and hours of fun playing the role of great football champions of that period - from Beckham to Ronaldinho, passing through Henry and Rooney - succeeding fully in his intent. The success of the game in fact led to two sequels and a reboot dated 2012 before descending into the hierarchy of Electronic Arts, more inclined to develop another genre of products.

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