EA Play: the new identity of Electronic Arts subscription services

EA Play: the new identity of Electronic Arts subscription services
Metamorphosis underway for Electronic Arts which on 14 August 2020 announced the rebranding of its services on its official website. In fact, by August 18, 2020, EA Access and Origin Access will soon be merged and incorporated with a new name, which will be EA Play.

With this move, EA has decided to also update the image of its services in subscription, with the aim of reinvigorating the two brands under a single more consolidated identity, in order to prevent players from getting confused, making it less chaotic and more direct. At the same time, EA will improve the user experience by adding new challenges and exclusive prizes to its games. After all, we are not entirely surprised by the strategy undertaken by the US publisher, as we have already experienced similar guidelines from competitors such as Steam or Uplay.

Don't worry, the rebranding will not involve changes in use or costs for customers, who can safely continue playing with their current subscription, according to the already agreed and known methods. All of this should simply serve to create coherence and consistency on the part of EA, making it more compact in the eyes of the public, making the service more recognizable and less misunderstood.

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