Great DC Events: War of the Gods (1991)

Great DC Events: War of the Gods (1991)
In 1991 the DC allows itself a second, more self-contained event, which comes out at the same time as the convulsive and controversial Armageddon 2001 but whose events technically take place earlier and has Wonder Woman as its protagonist. This is War of the Gods.

Released between September and December 1991, Guerra di Dei had the classic structure of the event with 4 albums of 40 pages to which a myriad of tie-in books of the various regular series were connected, involving everything the DC Universe and, obviously more closely, the Wonder Woman regular series.

War of the Gods was written by George Pérez - former author and pencil of the Wonder Woman regular series - who for the occasion also created the sketches of the tables of the 4 albums completed by various designers and inkers including Russell Braun, Cynthia Martin, Romeo Tanghal, Jill Thompson and a very young Phil Jimenez.

For the genesis of War of Gods we have to go back to 1988 when Pérez proposed a first draft of the story that was to be in fact a narrative arc of the regular series during its management. Pérez, already known for his delays, was unable to rework the story that remained locked in a drawer until it was fished out for the 50th anniversary of the Amazon Princess; the author was then asked to expand it and connect it to the rest of the DC Universe with the presence of the other heroes and villains.

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