Quantum Error: crowdfunding starts to improve graphics and cutscenes

Quantum Error: crowdfunding starts to improve graphics and cutscenes
Quantum Error returned to be seen during Gamescom 2020 and at the same time a new crowdfunding campaign dedicated to the game was also launched on GoFundMe, to help developers improve graphics and cutscenes in particular, according to what is reported in the motivations of the initiative.

Quantum Error was shown first with a trailer during the Opening Night Live of Gamescom 2020, then with a new gameplay video for PS5 that revealed the horror atmospheres a little better, but apparently there is still some work to be done, as evidenced by the new fundraising initiative.

The ongoing campaign on GoFundMe aims to raise $ 65,000 to improve certain aspects of Quantum Error: the main purpose is in fact the financing of the equipment to carry out motion capture, as well as being able to finance the dubbing of the game in a more extensive way.

The idea, therefore, is that there is to a total reworking of the cutscenes and animations in the game, even if such an operation inserted only now in the planning of the work for a game that should arrive in 2021 could mean some further delay in the release.

In any case, Quantum Error was in fact one of the first games announced for PS5 and for the moment it is still expected by the end of 2021 also on PS4, subject to any changes to the program. If you want to contribute, you can participate in the GoFundMe campaign, which as usual also provides special rewards for backers: by financing for 500 dollars or more you can become part of Quantum Error in the form of an NPC, while those who donate 50 dollars or plus gets a copy of the game.


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