Fortnite: it is still possible to play it on iOS devices

Fortnite: it is still possible to play it on iOS devices
The announcement came last night. Fortnite, the successful title of Epic Games has been removed on iOS and Android mobile devices. Obviously the title is no longer available in the respective digital stores of mobile devices, but according to the latest reports from some players, it seems that in some way it is still possible to access the very playful Epic battle royale. However, this can only happen under certain conditions and limitations.

Those who still manage to play Fortnite on their smartphones or tablets can access the title as long as it is installed on their mobile device. All this was also confirmed later by Epic Games itself, which published a post to clarify how players who have installed the 13.40 version of the game can still access it despite some limitations.

Remaining at this version of Fortnite, obviously mobile players will not bea> able to update the title and consequently will not be able to move to Season 4 when it is released soon. In addition to this, it will not even be possible to make purchases for the next Battle Passes that will be released over time.

In short, to continue playing Fortnite on iOS and Android devices, you will need to stop updating the title. This means staying behind and missing out on all the constant news that are proposed by Epic Games week after week. What do you think of this possibility? Tell us yours in the comments.

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