PS5 and Xbox Series X: with the SSD speed first of all!

PS5 and Xbox Series X: with the SSD speed first of all!
Among the numerous hardware innovations present in the next generation consoles, one of the most fascinating aspects is undoubtedly the SSD. Thanks to the speed of this solid-state memory unit, developers will have much more freedom of action in the design of game worlds and gameplay mechanics. In addition to being able to enjoy these new experiences, we wondered how it could change our approach to the video game, comparing the experience of the current consoles with that expected on PS5 and Xbox Series X. In particular, in this article we want to focus on the execution speed in general, which could definitely change the way we enjoy video games.

No more uploads

The reading speed of SSDs is really impressive, especially when compared to the old mechanical hard drives we were used to in the last decade. Using this feature it will be possible to load entire game worlds, levels, games in a few moments, finally forgetting the classic and annoying uploads. In the current console generation we have encountered several titles with very long loading times. The experience offered by these video games was undoubtedly conditioned by the length of the uploads within them. Dying in Bloodborne was often more frustrating from the long wait until the next re-entry than the loss of Blood Echoes. Likewise, the waiting times between leaving a map and returning to the base of operations in Astera partly ruin the hunting experience within Monster Hunter World. Many other titles suffer from similar problems, due to the limitations present in the current console hardware.

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