Amazon Ring, today on a flash offer

Amazon Ring, today on a flash offer
Some direct testimonials are telling us about the sudden need for wireless intercoms that can meet certain specific needs and able to achieve results without the need for wiring, complex installations or excessive investments. These are different situations, but in any case linked to Covid: home areas transformed into offices, schools adapted with differentiated entrances and more. The reasoning quickly led to consider Amazon Ring Video Doorbell 3 as a valid option, as it meets all these characteristics; a flash offer of these hours has done the rest.

Amazon Ring, flash offer

Ring Video Doorbell 3 is a smart intercom that can work with a simple Wifi connection. It can be powered either with specific wiring or through rechargeable batteries and its primary function is to allow a direct audio / video channel between outside and inside. It is therefore in all respects a video door phone, simple and easy to configure, which, combined with an Amazon Echo Show, is able to perform its functions to the maximum.

Al sound of the intercom, communication between the parties becomes instant: you can also view the outside via the app, receiving a specific notification, or activating the response from the screen of your Echo. There are various versions, but to attract attention in these hours is the "Video Ringbell 3" model from 199 euros, which for the occasion was discounted by 20% (ie 40 euros) thus bringing the final price to 159 EUR .

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