The world of Warhammer - Part 3: Rules and games

The world of Warhammer - Part 3: Rules and games
Welcome back to The World of Warhammer, the special series dedicated to explaining this wargame in the simplest and most accessible way possible. In the first episode we treated the editorial history, while in the second the context and the great narrative upheaval that occurred in 2015. In this third part, however, we will go into the part if we want more indigestible of the game: the rules. To follow the same separation between before and after the final battle between Sigmar and Archaon, we will first explore the traditional rules and then those of the Age of Sigmar.

Warhammer: basic definition

Before diving into the rules, let's summarize what the Warhammer game is all about. Both Fantasy and its heir Age of Sigmar are two wargames with miniatures, or board games that focus on resolving a conflict. To participate, each player must have his own set of miniatures at least assembled, which symbolically represent his strengths. The miniatures include various types of war units, from the common infantry to the most imaginative heroes and creatures. Each model costs an amount of points (proportionate to its potential in play) indicated on the army book to which it belongs. The sum of the points of all the models of an army determines its overall power.

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