The new and canceled TV series - August 2020

The new and canceled TV series - August 2020
Which TV series will be released in August 2020? July was a month full of content despite being one of the months when many begin their summer holidays. August is expected as the main month of the start of the summer holidays, but there will be other news regarding serial content and as per "tradition" we will make you travel comfortably and neatly through the sea full of content arriving on the various streaming platforms. Here, then, is the list of the outgoing TV series and, at the end, the list of canceled or not renewed TV series.

August 2020 TV series

Gotham Claws Talking Tom and friends The Detour Connected Animal Kingdom Immigration Nation A world of mysteries Strike Back World's Most Wanted The Head The Chi The Rain The Seven Deadly Sins The new legends of monkey The magicians: the tales of arcadia Nailed It Mexico Sing ON! Germany High seas Small creatures The Greens in the city Big Hero 6 Save me too Greenleaf World's Toughest Race: Eco-Challenge Fiji Ted Lasso Teenage Bounty Hunters 3% Rita Lucifer Hoops Trinkets Aggretsuko Cobra Kai Bear Grylls: Celebrity Edition Kidding

The TV series new and renewed

Here is the list of TV series to be released on Rai, Sky, Netflix, Infinity, Amazon Prime Video, Apple Tv + and Disney + scheduled for August 2020.


Released: August 1, 2020

While investigating the murder of the spouses Wayne, the young investigator James Gordon meets little Bruce, son of the two victims, destined to become the masked vigilante in the future known as Batman. The fifth season arrives on Netflix.

Broadcast on: Netflix, Premium Action Genre: Action, superheroes Number of seasons: 5


Released: 1 August 2020

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