Amazon Prime Video Best War Movies | August 2020

Amazon Prime Video Best War Movies | August 2020
Battlefields, depths of the abyss and field battles: these are the winning ingredients for a perfect war film. No matter the adherence to the story, the important thing is that the story told offers viewers a story that makes war its narrative fulcrum. Within the schedules of streaming services, in the midst of the many proposals, even war films, or war movies to put it in the American way, show the muscles, with compelling proposals, between new ideas and great classics. To choose which war to go down, we decided to find out which are the best war films of Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video best war films:

1917 Wind Talkers Fury Save the soldier Ryan Emperor The enemy at the gates If you want to try the Amazon Prime Video service you can subscribe to this link


Set during the First World War, the film by Sam Mendes tells the story of two English corporals, Tom Blake and William Schofield, in charge of crossing a war zone to warn an English division of the danger that is looming: the Germans have lured them into a trap. To motivate them, the presence of Blake's brother in the division in danger.

1917 is a war film born from the stories that Sam Mendes heard from the voice of his grandfather Alfred Humbert Mendes, soldier of the 1st Rifle Brigade during the First World War. The result is a war movie with intense tones, which is based on the exciting acting of George McKay, interpreter of Corporal Schofield, and embellished by the presence of illustrious names of cinema in small parts, such as Benedicth Cumberbatch, Mark Strong and Colin Firth.

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