Marvel's Avengers: the new details revealed by Crystal Dynamics

Marvel's Avengers: the new details revealed by Crystal Dynamics
Recently Crystal Dynamics created an AMA on Reddit to answer questions concerning the highly anticipated Marvel's Avengers. The developers' responses were very interesting, as they revealed some valuable information about the characters, the type of missions that we will have to complete and the contents that will be published after the launch.

Going in order, the additional characters will not add up simply to the existing contents, but they will take the form of an intensification and expansion of the plot of Marvel's Avengers and will bring special missions and singular activities. As for adding new costumes, the intention is to assign a package of costumes that can be unlocked for free, but leaving some clothes on payment. In addition, the equipment will not change the appearance of the characters and each hero will have his own. Also, it will be possible to enhance our skills, which are very useful for proceeding in some scenarios, but most of them will focus on combat. Obviously, the Hulk cannot climb buildings, but he can still use them to take advantage of enemies and destroy them.

with regard To the missions , instead, developers Crystal Dynamics have informed us also about the timing of the different tasks that we will face in Marvel's Avengers. Specifically, to complete a Drop Zone will be in 10 minutes, we will be engaged for a period of time ranging between 10 and 30 minutes to finish the mission War Zone, and we will be more than 2 hours when we have to complete a Raid . In particular, the missions and the Raid will not be available at launch of Marvel's Avengers, but will be integrated later. With regard to the War Zones, however, will not be present in the minimappe. In addition, each mission has four difficulty levels . The higher the difficulty, the better the reward. Playing alone, where the companions managed by artificial intelligence, we will be able to grow only the character that we control. The only way to level up the other is to use them individually, one by one.

apparently, the developers are also organizing events that are seasonal , like the Halloween event and Christmas. In addition, there will be updates weekly and monthly to enrich the gaming experience in Marvel's Avengers. However, developers have warned of the fact that we will know more details later. Remember that the game will bea> released on September 4, 2020 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Google Staff, PC and consoles of new generation.

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