The Frostpunk video game will be translated as a box game

The Frostpunk video game will be translated as a box game
The complex (and somewhat gloomy) Frostpunk video game created by 11 bit studios is about to be transformed into a box game. The project will be taken care of by the Glass Cannon Unplugged team, already responsible for the conversion of the video game This War Of Mine to board game.

From the official website:

Based on the video game created by the creators of This War Of Mine - Frostpunk is a highly successful strategic-survival-city-builder title that is now about to hit our tables in the form of a box game! In Frostpunk: The Board Game, players will have to work together to administer the last existing city on Earth. It is your duty to manage both its citizens and its infrastructure. What decisions will you be ready to make to ensure the survival of society?

In the 19th century, an apocalyptic ice storm devoured the globe, damaging all communications between England and the rest of the Empire. Without too many options available, the government has ordered the complete evacuation of Britain. The goal was to move to the sites of British scientific expeditions to find the research outposts equipped with heat generator towers and preserve some of the civilizations alive until the end of winter .. if it ever comes!

Frostpunk, the video game, put players into a apocalyptic setting where the world had been enveloped by an eternal snow-storm and the few survivors were huddled in a crater. Protected by the ramshackle generator, the inhabitants and the administrators had to constantly solve small and big problems in the management and often they were to make complex moral choices. While ensuring a regulation agile and easy-to-understand, Glass Cannon Unplugged promises to preserve the complexity to the strategic title, video game and announces that the kickstarter project will be launched in autumn next.

If you do not want to wait for the game in the box and you wish to know more of the videogame original, then you can see our review of Frostpunk.

You will recover the past glories of Glass Cannon Unplugged diverting your interest on This War Of Mine", the title translated and published in Italy by Pendragon Game Studio.

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