Fortnite: a trick allows you to improve weapons quickly

Fortnite: a trick allows you to improve weapons quickly
Two seasons of Fortnite ago, Epic Games had introduced the Update Stations, places where players can improve their weapons during games in Battle Royale mode. Over time and with several updates behind it, this mechanic has increasingly entered the mechanisms of the hit title, giving a greater variety to the games thanks to randomness.

Now, it seems that on the net it has been discovered a trick to make improvements to weapons can be implemented in a much faster way, so as to give an advantage in terms of timing to players who decide to use this trick. Specifically, the Reddit user "kewalts" has published this trick on the FortniteBR subreddit which shows in detail how to proceed, but the moderators have removed his post after a short time.

As you can see above , the user has reloaded everything in the form of a video on their YouTube channel. The trick seems very simple to replicate; just start upgrading an uncommon weapon to become a Rare, then switch from a Rare weapon to an Epic, after which instead of resetting the timer, the weapon will automatically update itself.

Stando to the user who discovered and published this trick, it seems that everything exists since the update stations were introduced, but no Fortnite player had ever noticed this exploit until now. What do you think of this newly discovered trick? will you try to replicate it also in your games? Have your say in the comments section.

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