Call of Duty Warzone: the Wendigo skin grants an unfair advantage

Call of Duty Warzone: the Wendigo skin grants an unfair advantage
Call of Duty Warzone - the first person shooter, available for PC, PlayStation 4 and</a> Xbox One, developed by Infinity Ward and Raven Software - is a very competitive game and games can sometimes take over half an hour to be completed. For this reason, players tend to get very angry in the event of a defeat, especially if the defeat is caused by a cause external to their abilities and performances, such as in the case of cheaters and glitches within Warzone.

In Call of Duty Warzone, in fact, there is no shortage of bugs and anomalies, as in most games. The problem is that these can bring a clear and undeniable advantage to some users. The bug in question is related to a new skin - the Taiga skin for Krueger - which is part of the Wendigo Operator package, on sale on the game. Nothing to say about aesthetic appeal and personal taste. The problem is that some players have discovered a bug that unfairly favors some players.

In practice, the Taiga skin does not leave traces of red smoke when you drop it, waiting for landing, at the beginning of the game . This allows players to touch the ground relatively unnoticed. Apparently, this problem may seem not so serious, but it must be admitted that in competitive gameplay any advantage to the individual can make the difference. The smoke trail warns all players of how many enemies are approaching, so in this way, you may be able to eliminate opponents by remaining incognito.

Strangely, this bug seems to be related only to this skin . Therefore, to find a solution to this problem should be relatively simple for the competence team at Infinity Ward, which at the moment, however, has not yet expressed itself on the subject, the situation is maddening for some players. The latter, in fact, are forced to wait for the release of a patch for the bug fix , to avoid being the victim of penalties that are unjust in the Call of Duty Warzone.

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