Prince of Persia: will Ubisoft announce a new chapter soon?

Prince of Persia: will Ubisoft announce a new chapter soon?
Over the course of its long years of activity, Ubisoft has repeatedly pulled out of the IP cylinder that has proven capable of marking the gaming industry by conquering the hearts and minds of millions and millions of avid gamers. Among the various brands born under the protective wing of the French software house there is also Prince of Persia, a series that has been able to present itself in an ever more brilliant form, only to fall into oblivion after the company has made some false steps of too much.

During the current videogame generation, no news has been announced about the franchise, despite the fact that the loyal public has never stopped asking for a new themed video game, but now something may finally be starting to move. In the past, a gameplay video circulated on Youtube focused on an unprecedented adventure for our Prince who has never seen the light - a sign that in any case there has always been interest from society also for the IP -, and now the team may have taken a further step forward.

Going more specifically, in May 2020 the company registered a new Twitter account called Prince of Persia, unfortunately for now still without content. In addition, a user on Reddit traced the email address used to create the account, i.e. pr******************@u******.* **. The privacy settings do not allow us to read the full name, but the initials suggest a connection with the brand in question.

let's Not forget that just in these last few months, the epic of Prince of Prince is landed on For the Honor, thanks to a small cameo during the event the Blades of Persia , maybe just to see the interest behind the IP. In short, something is boiling in the pot, and many users already have begun to speculate on possible ads for a new chapter to the brand's output on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X , an announcement that should it prove to be true would surely delight of many.

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