Mobile Esports: Shadowverse, the antagonist of Hearthstone and Runeterra?

Mobile Esports: Shadowverse, the antagonist of Hearthstone and Runeterra?
Welcome to a new weekly column aimed at making known the best mobile games based mainly on PvP. We will discover together the export events often overlooked or completely forgotten but noteworthy!

Today we talk about "Shadowverse", a Card Game often compared to its "Hearthstone" counterpart.


Shadowverse is an online trading card game available on the stores since June 2016.

In addition to the anime-like style, the peculiar feature of the game is the "Evolution" mechanic which, through evolution points, allows to empower our minions.


However, not everyone knows that Shadowverse has opened up to the world of Export, organizing various tournaments with prize money.

Some "minor" tournaments allow the access to the most important event, or the "Shadowverse World Grand Prix".

Which leagues allow access?

RAGE Shadowverse Shadowverse NetEase Championship Shadowverse Korea Open Shadowverse Taiwan Open Shadowverse Open WEST Shadowverse Open SEAO JCG Online Preliminary Tournament Players who enter the world , will have the chance to go to Japan to win the cup with a final prize pool of 1,000,000 USD.

Will you download it or did you already know the game? Were you aware of the tournaments? Do you play Shadowverse competitively?

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Last modified: June 30, 2020

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