The new Intel CPUs do not scare AMD, Ryzen processors still dominate the Japanese market

The new Intel CPUs do not scare AMD, Ryzen processors still dominate the Japanese market
Despite the recent introduction on the market of the tenth generation Intel processors, codenamed Comet Lake-S, this does not seem to have worried AMD which, with its Ryzen based on the Zen 2 architecture, continues to have a great success throughout the world. Over the last few years, in fact, the Sunnyvale company has managed to do a real miracle, overcoming the direct rival of Santa Clara despite its practically undisputed dominance.

Recently we have confirmed that the Asian market too is following this trend. In fact, the Japanese portal BCN Ranking (via Hardware Times), reported that AMD continues to excel in the CPU segment. In addition, the graph, present with the news, does not refer to a specific retailer, but is based on the entire Japanese market. Current statistics see AMD Ryzen CPUs hold 67.4% market share, while Intel CPUs have seen a slow decline to 32.6%. To make a quick comparison with the situation just a few years ago, Intel had managed to conquer as much as 83.9% of the market in 2017, while AMD was relegated to a paltry 16.1%. According to BCN Ranking data, AMD's market share peaked in July last year, coinciding with the launch of the Ryzen 3000 series, where it reached 68.6%.

Credit: BCN Ranking It seems that AMD's success is truly unstoppable. After having amazed everyone with its proposals in the desktop sector, which offer an undoubtedly high price / performance ratio compared to the competition, the American manufacturer is also preparing to conquer the console market, continuing the partnership with Sony and Microsoft that began with the current generation of machines, and above all, aggressively attacking the world of laptops, still undoubtedly tied to the Santa Clara company.

All of this, however, is going to change. We have already witnessed the prestigious collaboration with Microsoft for its Surface Laptop 3 , but also other manufacturers begin to see of a good eye on the use of the CPU of the series Ryzen Mobile apps, including Asus with its excellent Zephyrus G14 . AMD has also announced that it has reached and exceeded its goal set in 2014, which is expected to improve the energy efficiency of its processors mobile of 25 times.

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