Call of Duty 2020: new leak with details on settings, modes and mechanics

Call of Duty 2020: new leak with details on settings, modes and mechanics
Between Call of Duty Modern Warfare and Warzone, and their continuous updates, players are in no way at risk of getting bored, but they are equally curious to find out what Activision is preparing for them for 2020.

A new chapter in the series is expected by the end of the year, but the announcement has not yet taken place. For months, rumors have been circulating that Treyarch is in the control room for a new game in the Black Ops series, presumably subtitled Cold War and therefore set in the Cold War period. Official confirmations have never arrived, but in recent days a new video full of details has emerged on YouTube made by XclusiveAce, which claims to be in contact with a source whose identity it does not want to reveal.

Il video circulated quickly in the environment, but has now been set to private. Fortunately, all the information is available online. XclusiveAce confirms the setting of the Cold War, and adds that the game is currently in excellent condition. The campaign is fully playable and the multiplayer maps are almost all complete. As the game launches, a new themed map in Warzone will be added, set in Russia. The mini-map, absent in Modern Warfare, will return, but the compass introduced by the latter will also be implemented. Unlimited shooting, scorestreaks and swimming mechanics will also return. There will be no Specialists, but an upgrade system with items available on the battlefield. The soldiers will have 150 HP and self-care. The multiplayer will be based on 6 vs 6 matches, and Gunsmith is not expected to be present. Of the currently complete multiplayer maps (about 10, with others in the works) there is a really small one on a boat in the Black Sea, and a called Tank that we got to see in the trailer leak.

This is what was reported by youtuber, but of course, we are not able to confirm anything. We're waiting for an official announcement from Activision. According to a recent rumor, the reveal of Call of Duty Black Ops the Cold War would be expected in August .

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