How big is Marvel's Iron Man VR? New details on longevity and size of the map

How big is Marvel's Iron Man VR? New details on longevity and size of the map
Exchanging a chat with the boys of the PlayStation Blog, Ryan Payton of Camouflaj outlined the contents of Marvel's Iron Man VR and unveiled some interesting details on the longevity, gameplay and dimensions of the adventure map to live by putting on the PS VR viewer on PS4 .

The director of the Seattle software house began by stating that the game originally predicted a longevity of about 4-5 hours, but that the numerous additions made to the title led to a doubling of that figure, which means that the Marvel's Iron Man VR campaign should last no less than 8 hours.

According to Payton, the playful experience offered by the adventure can be enjoyed in huge scenarios: wearing Tony Stark 's exoskeleton we will be able to speed through the skyscrapers of Shanghai, we will be able to follow the SHIELD Helicarrier in flight and freely explore the surroundings of the Stark structure, as well as scenarios not still unveiled by the developers.

Regarding the equipment adopted by the emulses of the eccentric multimillionaire of Marvel, Payton explains that the will of the Camouflaj team was to offer users the opportunity to "merge with the Tony's armor and feeling at one with it towards the end of the campaign. " Only by progressing in the adventure missions, therefore, will we acquire the necessary familiarity to make us feel (almost) invincible superheroes. Not surprisingly, an essential component of the play's ecosystem and content of the work will be represented by Tony Stark's garage and by the ample possibilities of customizing the armor accessible to players.

Finally, the director of Camouflaj has revealed that in the history of the way we will interact with characters such as Pepper Potts , Nick Fury, and the artificial intelligence FRIDAY . At this point all we can do is remind you of the release of Marvel's Iron Man VR, which is scheduled for Friday, July 3, exclusively on the PlayStation 4 with PS VR.

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