Evil CVs and other Covid traps

Evil CVs and other Covid traps
The offices reopen, we go back to "work" (cit. Giuseppe Sala), but we also return to face cyber attacks that at this stage seem to prefer substantially everything that concerns Covid and the other deviations that current events impose respect to normal. In fact, attempts are being made to ride on trends such as the coronavirus to hit users in a moment of distraction. An example:

To prepare employees for the so-called "new normal", many organizations have set up webinars and short training courses to explain the restrictions and requirements for post-pandemic operations. Check Point has detected the presence of cyber criminals who distribute phishing emails and malicious files disguised as anti-Covid-19 training material. Here is an example that tries to lure the victim into getting him to sign up for a fake employee training course that actually leads to a malicious website.

Evil Curriculum But the attempts are also others. For example, there is an increase in incoming malicious curricula vitae. In a time of difficulty for many workers, and therefore presumably of great mobility, the number of incoming CVs may be increasing and can become a useful opportunity for attackers. The rate of malicious submissions would be estimated at 1 every 1270, which therefore imposes all the necessary defenses and all the necessary attention in the HR offices in charge of skimming the useful curricula. Attacks of this type would increase by 20% on a weekly basis: opening the file would be the element to be avoided, placing the necessary precautions in order to avoid suffering an attack with unpredictable consequences.

employees all over the world should be cautious when opening e-mails and documents, ensuring that they are sent from a legitimate source within their company. Lately, we are seeing a trend of hackers to exploit well-known names, such as Microsoft Office 365, to deceive the employees. One thing is certain: the pandemic Coronavirus is leading us towards another pandemic, and computer science.

David Gubiani, Regional Director SE EMEA Southern Check Point

return to the activities of the professionals also means an increase of opportunity for cybercriminals. Work agile, in this sense, it can be even more attractive, because often the security measures are still lower. A proper preparation of the company to face challenges similar is crucial, also and especially in the light of the future possible outbreak of the pandemic.

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