Halo Infinite: everything we know - article

Halo Infinite: everything we know - article
Just over a month ago, Halo Infinite was officially announced at Microsoft's digital event to be held in July, during which the first party titles that will accompany the release of the new Xbox console will go on stage. So the time has come to take stock of one of Series X's most anticipated exclusives. What is going on in the universe after the vicissitudes of Halo 5: Guardians? What should we expect in terms of gameplay and what new technologies will we find in Infinite?

On October 28, 2558 we witnessed the rescue of the Blue Team, made up of John-117, Kelly-087, Frederic-104 and Linda-058. , by Jameson Locke's Fireteam Osiris with the help of the Exuberant monitor on Genesis, as well as the escape of Cortana, now intent on starting her own "plan of salvation" of life in the universe. The two teams reunite with the Arbiter, Sarah Palmer and Dr. Halsey on Sunaion, while the AI ​​greets Infinity and Commander Lasky, forcing them to perform random jumps so as not to be intercepted. The last image is reserved for the awakening of an unknown Halo.

Even if the main saga has ended with this kinematics, thanks to Halo Wars 2 we can make a leap forward of a year, until the moment when a Spirit of Fire adrift has been awakening for 28 years now above installation 00, or the Ark Minor, the place from which a mysterious message of help comes. Isabel, who will become the new AI on board the Spirit, will introduce us to the Exiles, a rebel faction composed mainly of the Brute race and of Elite and Grunt mercenaries, commanded by the fearsome leader Atriox.

beautiful work, Ellen, perhaps you would have been safer on the Ark. Why it is important to remember the fate of the crew headed by Captain Cutter? The first reason is the return of the Red Team, composed of the Spartan-II Jerome-092, Douglas-042 and Alice-130, while the second is the conclusion of the campaign on the Ark. Excluded from the systems of communication and the ability to send a request for help, to professor Ellen Anders decides to complete the construction of a Halo by the forge of the Ark.

once active, this would be in fact to take the place of another ring destroyed, or installation 04, discovered by the Master Chief next to the system Reach. But Ellen, after he had disarmed the structure, fails to leave the control room in time, and the new installation 04c begins a journey into hyperspace in the direction of the system Soell, however, intercepted by a Guardian.

To tell you the truth, there are many other information extracted from novels and comic books published in these years, and it is not excluded that they are introduced or at least mentioned in Halo Infinite. A striking example is an anticipation of the content of the novel Shadow of the Reach out in September, which will see the current Blue Team engaged in an operation on the planet of Reach to retrieve important information from Sword Base.

With a similar general framework, what can we expect from the sixth chapter of the saga the main? Many of the details we are provided by two trailers, respectively, of the E3 2018 and 2019, which reveal fundamental clues. Going in chronological order, in the reveal we saw a Pelican crashed on a Halo, with the main monitor that indicated the date of may 27, 2560; in Discovery, Hope, when the Chief is recovered and "turned on" in his HUD appears the date of construction of his current armor, which took place in 2559, with a subsequent update by Catherine Halsey in 2561. In both of the trailers, then, is cited, Zeta Halo, or installation 07, the location of the mysterious and rich of events related to the history of the Forerunners and Predecessors.

To see this content please enable targeting cookies. Manage cookie settings Without entering the field of speculation, we can say that Halo Infinite will be set in about three years on from the events of Genesis, which concludes the Halo 5: Guardians, and that the Zeta Halo will be one of the fields of battle that we will have to face the forces of Cortana, and the same IA. Also, always during the restart process of our dear John, we could read that inside his system introduced a program of containment IA that portends the plan of the ONI and UNSC for this clash.

It's a detail that would also explain the return to the classic design of the suit, and there is precisely the fingerprint of Halsey. None of the doctor knows what a challenge awaits us in the next chapter, having had to find a compromise on the use of technology in the supplies to ensure the ground troops, so as not to create a disadvantage in the battle with Cortana. The same compromise was explained to us by Jerry Hook, manager of the design of Halo Infinite, that in an interview, he pointed out how the heritage of classics should not be influenced by the evolution of the market and history, but rather preserved to make you feel at home the players of old date, and welcome the new, creating the right mix between historical and modern.

This choice might have repercussions also on the floor of the gameplay, maybe strizzerà the eye to a return of the classic combat system, and its origins are military and technological. The introductions of the system of the Artemis with which effettuavamo scans of the surrounding environment and the Ground Pound were, in fact, the peculiarities of the Spartan IV fire-team Osiris, far apart in terms of genetics and equipment from the Spartan-II Blue Team.

it Has in fact been confirmed by the producers of Halo Infinite that will be our John 117 to play the main role in the upcoming title, a Master Chief who will rely on the experience and physicality due to the genetic transformation, rather than on the devices of the latest generation designed by the ONI. But it is not only the reinforcement to the legitimacy of this theory: always in the trailer, Discovery Hope, we have seen a leap backwards in terms of weapons, with the assault rifle to the Chief, coming directly from the time of the Reach.

The reminders of the past in a vision for classically modern of Mjolnir, the protagonist of many battles. The return to the past can also be observed using the coat of arms on the arm of the pilot of the Pelican, which according to insiders will be an important personality in Halo Infinite, and that he wears an old logo of the UNSC. In this case, however, we are in the field of mere speculation: not knowing nothing certain about the history of the character, this could be drifted for a long time as it's already happened to the Spirit of Fire, and then simply not be equipped with state of art equipment.

If, at the time, we can make a vague idea of where he is going to parry the intent of the UNSC in the opening bars of the title, thanks to the update of the Mjolnir Master Chief can hold the IA rather than doing them to interface with the Spartan, is how you develop the story that remains shrouded by an aura of mystery. Despite the incessant questions to the developers, is not yet clear, the structure of the title: we will have the much-talked-of open world or maps open-ended exploration limited-in the fifth episode?

Without getting carried away too much, the developers have stated that players will be rewarded if you are exploring in the discovery of the surrounding world, but we do not know what this bonus. With these few words, we can only hope in scenarios that are vast and with the possibility to collect excerpts of lore, given the certain presence of Installation 07, which for the veterans of the Halo universe would be a little big dream come true. Perhaps this will happen through the terminals like in Halo 3, and we will be able to discover the fate of the ancient human that lived there, of the wars of the Precursors - Predecessors, and of the end of the last of them, the Primordial.

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with regard To the technology used in the sixth chapter of the saga will be a great revolution, or the new proprietary engine Slipspace Engine. The previous chapters were based on the well-known engine Havok, also become the owner of Microsoft in 2015, giving us the rendered graphics seen in Halo 4 and Halo 5: Guardians. The engineers in charge of the development, those interviewed after the announcement of the new headquarters, said they were thrilled by the power and by the level of detail that they could achieve, calling it the engine is the most advanced on the market.

Although it is declarations that for now cannot be confirmed, what is certain is the massive investment of funds in research and development for Halo Infinite in the house, Redmond. For the third title in the reclaimer Saga is not, therefore, spared no expense, showing in two trailers at 60 fps landscapes and lighting of the environment in realistic and defined, besides confirming the introduction of a new type of HDR that will be added to the power of Ray Tracing on the Series X. The event will be accompanied by an exceptional audio, outstanding among which are between the sample and the poetry of a pug for the Grunt and the noise magnetized consoles of past generations.

it Remains very curious about the name it was baptized. Slipspace, in fact, is not a name that is totally invented, or an acronym of new technologies. To the fans of the saga will be not only a household name, but is able to evoke memories powerful, the prelude to a conflict that has brought millions of gamers to take up arms, accompanied by the phrase "now is the time to fight", that is, the arrival through the vortex of white, blue and black - called Slipspace Portal - of ships and the Covenant.

there remains, therefore, that wait to learn more in July, when will the long-awaited conference on the Xbox, discovering if 343 Industries has managed to keep its promises and we will come back to dream with an assault rifle load, ready to fight against a new threat.

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