Xbox Lockhart, same CPU as Xbox Series X? New rumors on the console

Xbox Lockhart, same CPU as Xbox Series X? New rumors on the console
The rumors about the existence of Xbox Lockhart are not going to subside ... or, as someone has enjoyed calling it, Xbox Series S. It would be a less powerful, and consequently cheaper, version of the already announced Xbox Series X

Microsoft's communication is currently entirely focused on the next generation console, but meanwhile there are still clues about the network various kinds, such as registered trademarks, statements of insiders, documents and photos. Not many days ago the journalist Tom Warren also spoke, who on the pages of The Verge has pitted the alleged technical specifications of Xbox Lockhart, which spoke of a console with 7.5 GB of usable RAM, a GPU with 4 Teraflops, a target resolution between 1080p and 1440p, and a CPU with a slightly slower speed than that mounted by the Xbox Series X.

Well, in the past few hours the Senior Editor of The Verge has intervened again on the subject, partially retracting a of the specifications that he himself had communicated. According to Warren, who has probably received new information from his sources, the Xbox Lockhart CPU will have the same speed as that of the Xbox Series X. Consequently, the two consoles will differ only in the frequency of the GPU and the count of the CU (Compute Unit).

In the absence of an official announcement from Microsoft we can not help but take this information as simple speculation, even if from an authoritative source. On the other hand, it is also true that the rumors about Xbox Lockhart are now wasted (they have been around since even before the announcement of the Xbox Series X).

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