Grand Theft Auto Online is a killer app for PlayStation 5 - article

Grand Theft Auto Online is a killer app for PlayStation 5 - article
After spending the last 13 years doing this job, I see conferences differently than before.

When I see a big announcement, I often pause to analyze its commercial potential rather than its artistic merits. Sometimes, however, all this ruins the magic of events, from my point of view. I remember, in particular, that I witnessed the surprising announcements of Shenmue 3, Metroid Prime 4 and Beyond Good and Evil 2. These are three sequels of games that I loved and that were greeted with warmth and ovations during E3. .. yet I have always had to deal with the economist in me who could not help but tweet: "there is a reason why these followers took so long to go out and it is not because the publishers hate making money. "

Other times, however, the opposite can happen: I realize that I am excited about things that other players consider disappointing. Do you remember the much discussed Sony Wonderbook? What was launched on PS3 with an augmented reality project linked to the Harry Potter franchise called Book of Spells? I was so excited about the potential of that idea that I read Book of Spells 'show game' at E3 2012. Yes, this is proof that sometimes I can be wrong too.

All this preamble is for put my point of view in perspective on the reveal of Sony's PlayStation 5. Ultimately, my thinking is in line with that of most users: in my opinion it was an excellent show.

The reveal of the PlayStation 5 has been really a great event! There were no ads particularly amazing and we have had only small tastes of the real capacity of PS5 but, if we think of the reasons why we should buy the console, Sony has a lot of. The variety of the content shown has made it so that everyone could find something interesting: from Sackboy for the remake of Demon's Souls, from the new Ratchet & Clank Resident Evil 8. There were a lot of games a lot of fascinating.

In terms of system sellers, those games alone are able to sell the console, we can identify four titles. The first was Gran Turismo 7. Historically, Gran Turismo has always been one of the franchise of the tip of the world of PlayStation: each of the iterations of the brand has exceeded reach the ten million copies sold. The last chapter numbered series, Gran Turismo 6, was launched on the PS3 after the release of the PS4 and, therefore, has not achieved the same business goals. GT Sport, the episode for the PS4, however, has resulted in the series in a direction slightly different than in the past but still managed to sell over eight million copies globally. What is Tourism, therefore, is a name that remains very strong in the collective imagination, and also his seventh incarnation, numbered and seems to want to maintain the same levels of excellence.

The second, important exclusive presented was the Horizon: Forbidden West. The first chapter of the saga of Guerrilla Games, has been one of the five titles are first-party for the PS4 to exceed the threshold of ten million copies sold, becoming the new IP of Sony's most successful of the entire generation. This is a series much beloved by fans and, in all probability, Forbidden West will be one of the first killer application for the PlayStation 5.

To see this content please enable targeting cookies. Manage cookie settings, And then there is Spider-Man: Miles Morales. Just two years away from the first episode, it was improbable to think that this was a sequel to real. Yet, the first game dedicated to the arrampicamuri of Insomniac was a resounding success for Sony, and also this spin-off should be a great boost to the initial sales of the PS5.

These three games, at the business level, are the three that probably svetteranno on the other, but there was also a fourth announcement that has me excited more than I've been with (many) others. If you have read the title of this article, you probably already know what I'm talking about: the partnership between Rockstar and Sony for the porting of Grand Theft Auto 5 and Grand Theft Auto Online on the next generation of console.

GTA was an unusual choice to open the show, and it is easy to be ironical about the fact that Sony has opened the event as the "Future of Gaming" with a game for the PS4 six-year-old, which, in turn, was the porting of a title for the PS3 came out the year before. In any case, however, this was a blow not indifferent to the PlayStation. Grand Theft Auto 5 is one of the console games of the most successful of all time and remains in the upper part of the charts all over the world still today, hosting millions of players every day. The title of Rockstar has established itself as a real must-have for owners of the PS4 and Xbox One.

another, even more significant than the sales, is the number of players that continue to rage on the servers of its multiplayer modes: GTA Online. This will be one of the major challenges for both the PlayStation and for the Xbox during the period of generational transition.

The previous generational transitions, revolving always around the new games that would be landed on these new machines flaming. What will be the exclusive? Graphics will FIFA? What games will be coming? This time, however, we also want to continue to play the titles that we carry around for several years.

cross-platform Titles like Apex Legends carry with them large communities that may choose the next console in the basis of the experiences offered to their favorite game. I'm a big fan of Sea of Thieves of Rare, one of the best exclusive the Xbox One. It is a game of pirates multiplayer open-world that is updated regularly every month. We game every week for over two years with three of my friends and we have every intention to continue in the future. This means that if I had to choose between PS5 and Xbox Series X, my choice would be a must: should I take the console that would allow me to continue my adventure to the sea.

Sea of Thieves is exclusive to Xbox but most of the other games based on the services represent a battle-field fertile for the sales of the console. These players no longer feel a part of the ecosystem PlayStation or Xbox. It is as if titles such as GTA, Rainbow Six, Destiny, Apex Legends, The Division, or Rocket League were platforms standing alone, with its audience that moves on the console that offers the better experience.

the PlayStation has immediately caught the attention of the public, of GTA by putting a strategy in two stages. The first is to give a good amount of money to the players PS4 "each month until the launch of the PS5 in 2021". This is a creative way on the part of Rockstar to keep engaged users while they proceed with work on the edition for PS5. Once the offer is completed, holders of PS5 will be able to get free GTA Online (if the riscatteranno within the first three months from launch).

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May not have been the announcement all the more exciting of the event dedicated to the PS5 but it is definitely a move crucial on the part of Sony to convince players to make the transition to the next console as soon as possible. It is a strategy that, without a doubt, has captured the interest of the other large publishers, such as EA, Ubisoft or Activision (who have not appeared during the event).

Some of these companies (like Ubisoft, Bungie and CD Projekt RED) are implementing a policy that will allow players to pass from one generation to another without having to re-purchase a copy of their games, a little like what happens in the Smart program Delivery Xbox. We can expect that Microsoft and Sony are preparing other agreements and partnerships, just like it happened with GTA, in order to attract these large slices of the public.

In an industry where video games have become of real ecosystems, this generational change will prove to be much more complex than in the past. Both companies should not simply ask players to put aside their console but also the games on which they have invested so many hours. The result? Probably the great games for the consoles of the future resemble very much those of the past.

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