GTA 5 is also a hit on Epic Games Store, a record of connected users

GTA 5 is also a hit on Epic Games Store, a record of connected users
It seems that the success of GTA 5 and the desire on the part of the players to play the Rockstar title knows no end. The open world title of the American studio has been a constant success for more than a generation now, with a future that still promises to be very full of content given the arrival of the game also on PlayStation 5. Confirming the constant success of the title, there is also the achievement of a new record of users connected on PC through the Epic Games Store.

The title of Rockstar Games was one of the games given by Epic Games on its store in recent months. Together with Civilization 6, GTA 5 is currently one of the most played video games on the American company's digital store. Going into more detail, according to Rockstar, the fifth chapter of the Grand Theft Auto saga has reported a 245% increase in players on the PC platform.

In recent months Epic Games Store has also given another title very loved by fans of the strategic / managerial genre: Civilization 6. The game developed by Fireaxis has also seen a very strong increase in PC players in recent months, reaching a percentage of 477%. Finally, the earnings of the strategic title also increased by 52%.

We remind you that in the course of the following weeks, other great titles were given away on the Epic Games Store such as: Borderlands The Handsome Collection, ARK Survival Evolved is the colorful and crazy Overcooked puzzle game. What do you think of this unstoppable success of GTA 5? Are you still playing the fifth chapter of GTA? Have your say in the comments section.

If you haven't already done so, you can buy GTA 5 on Amazon at this address. If, on the other hand, you appreciate another type of experience, you can purchase Civilization 6 at this other address also on Amazon.

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