Bleeding Edge: on Steam the number of players plummets

Bleeding Edge: on Steam the number of players plummets
As surely many of you will remember, a few years ago the skilled kids of Ninja Theory joined the Xbox Game Studios, an extremely important announcement that presupposed the exclusivity of future Ninja Theory productions on PC and Xbox. The news made many happy, especially after the excellent work done with Hellblade, of which the coming of the second chapter is expected on PC and Xbox Series X.

In the meantime, however, the company has had the opportunity to develop even a minor production, that Bleeding Edge - of which you can also read our review - which after several years of development finally arrived on the market dividing critics and public, among those who greatly appreciated the multiplayer experience by Ninja Theory and who, on the contrary, has failed to find anything good. In hindsight, the first few weeks of the release showed excellent results, probably also linked to the presence of the work on the Game Pass, but some recent innovations make us fear for the future of production.

Going more specifically, it would seem that very few players on Steam are interested in what Bleeding Edge has to offer. After some encouraging signs that seemed to presage a bright future for the work, the number of users has instead literally collapsed and at the time we are writing to it it does not reach even the hundred players connected at the same time, a very hard blow for a production that lives in operation of his community.

of Course, the fact that the title is available for all subscribers to the Game Pass may offer an explanation of the situation , but at the same time, we must not forget that Sea of Thieves – the other title available on the Game Pass, is, however, managed to grind up great numbers and continues to this day to overcome the record of users logged in, a sign that the problem may be another. For the moment we still have to wait and see if the current situation will in any way to affect the future of the franchise.

in case you have never played, I strongly recommend you give a chance to the intriguing Hellblade: Senua''s Sacrifice, which is currently available on Amazon .

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