BoJack Horseman: Alison Brie regrets voicing an Asian character

BoJack Horseman: Alison Brie regrets voicing an Asian character
Alison Brie (Glow, Community) confessed that she regretted voicing the character of Diane Nguyen, a writer of Vietnamese origin in the six seasons of the Netflix BoJack Horseman show.

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The reason for this regret was made explicit by the Los Angeles actress on her Instagram profile, where she wrote that:

In hindsight I wish I had not voiced Diane Nguyen. I realize now that black people should voice black characters. We have missed a great opportunity to represent the American community of Vietnamese origin correctly and respectfully, and I am very sorry. I applaud all those who in the last few days have given up on similar roles. I learned a lot from them.

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Alison Brie's reflection is linked to the latest statements made by Caucasian actors who say they are mortified to have lent their voices to animated characters who do not correspond to them and their experiences, such as Mike Henry of Family Guy, Kristen Bell from Central Park and Jenny Slate from Big Mouth.

Actor Hank Azaria, who declared in January that he no longer intended to dub Apu in The Simpsons, due to the caricature controversy the rumor and the negative effect it has had on Americans of Indian origin.

This strong choice of protest on the part of Azariah, has brought to the producers of The Simpsons to announce that the other characters are non-whites on the show, soon to be dubbed by actors of the ethnic group of the corresponding, even if it is not yet clear whether this principle will be applied to the characters existing, like dr. Nick Riviera, Lou the cop, Carl Carlson, and the Man-ape (all voiced by Azaria) and the spouses Hibbert (voiced respectively by Harry Shearer and Tress MacNeille).

The controversy about the voice of Diane in BoJack Horseman has already been addressed in the last two years by the same show creator, Raphael Bob-Waksberg , who has repeatedly apologized for not having understood the relevance of the cultural identity of Diane, explaining that his intention was to just write a character that is not defined solely by their ethnic factor:

This is something which they are happy to talk about! I can be tense when I am asked of my errors (because I am afraid to say the wrong thing) but it does me good to reflect on them, and I hope that the fact that others see me do it will aid them to not make the same mistakes.

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