Super Nintendo World, nothing to do for summer 2020: opening postponed

Super Nintendo World, nothing to do for summer 2020: opening postponed
2020, or at least its first half, was unfortunately the protagonist of complex events, which made it impossible to carry out many events of international importance.

The Coronavirus epidemic, in addition to forcing many states to adopt emergency measures to ensure contagion containment meant that many sporting events were canceled or postponed. Among the latter, also, of course, the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, scheduled for the summer in the Japanese capital. To celebrate the event, Nintendo aimed to inaugurate the first Super Nintendo World in the world, a theme park dedicated to the imagery of the Kyoto House.

Under construction at Universal Studios in Osaka, another Japanese metropolis, the structure he had to open the gates in time for the Olympics. Initially held fixed in summer 2020, the opening period has now been officially postponed. According to Nikkei, the theme park should now open in the autumn of 2020, but the difficulties in predicting the evolution of the international health situation lead to not even excluding a postponement to 2021.

< In the meantime, work on the construction of the Super Nintendo World continues, while the audience of gamers linked to the Big N is eagerly awaiting the announcement of a new Nintendo Direct, to discover all the news coming to Nintendo Switch during the next months.

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