Great return on Twitch: Draker88 is back!

Great return on Twitch: Draker88 is back!
One of the most anticipated streamers returns to the big purple screen of Twitch: Draker88!

Famous streamer, but above all a great friend of CS ITALIA, we welcome him with open arms in his "official" return scheduled for July 1st 2020.

In particular, custom matches on League of Legends are scheduled for tomorrow and we strongly advise you not to miss!

Below we show you the short teaser that announces the his return:

Find Draker88 live from Monday to Friday from 12:00, except Thursday where streaming starts at 20:00!

Don't forget to follow him on: new Twitch.Player ("twitch-embed", {channel: "draker88"});

Don't miss it!

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Last modified: June 30, 2020

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