Amazon Prime Video: all the news of July

Amazon Prime Video: all the news of July
Like every month, Amazon Prime Video enriches its catalog to give subscribers an ever better and more competitive offer. So here are all the news of July between new seasons and new films, complete series and timeless classics.

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It's for your sake

Released: July 2, 2020

It's for your sake tells the story of three families who go into crisis when their daughters get engaged. Arturo, conservative lawyer, Sergio, an irascible worker with self-control problems and Antonio, an intact policeman with a penchant for his daughter, are three fathers who see their worst nightmare come true, when they realize that their three young and beautiful daughters have grown up too quickly. Arturo will see his daughter run away on the wedding day with a woman. Sergio, an overprotective father, will have to deal with his daughter's boyfriend who is thirty years older than her and Antonio will have to deal with his daughter's boyfriend, a young rapper. Sure to act for their own good, the three fathers will join forces to get rid of their daughters' partners as soon as possible, putting a strain on the patience of their wives enough to risk wrecking their own marriages. In the end the good will win, but who will?

The film is produced by Roberto Sessa and is a Picomedia production in collaboration with Medusa Film. It is for your good, it is directed by Rolando Ravello and the cast is composed of Marco Giallini, Isabella Ferrari, Giuseppe Battiston, Claudia Pandolfi, Vincenzo Salemme, Valentina Lodovini and Matilde Gioli.

Hanna Release: July 3, 2020

The second season of Hanna returns with eight episodes lasting an hour and follows the journey of an extraordinary young protagonist searching for the truth about her own identity, while giving you to escape being hunted by a menacing government agency. After the discovery is made at the end of the first season, Hanna (Esmé Creed-Miles) knows that he is not the only girl with extraordinary abilities and training of the elite. The organization Utrax, in fact, has created a group of young, highly qualified, who are going to enter the deadly second phase of the programme. After the transfer in the facilities of The Meadows, the young recruits are suddenly free from any restriction and see to portend the possibility of creating a new identity in the outside world. But this freedom is only apparent, will have a dear price.

In the new season, Hanna puts at risk their freedom to save the friend Clara (Yasmin Monet Prince) from the program Utrax, now run by John Carmichael (Dermot Mulroney) and his right arm, Leo Garner (Anthony Welsh). Hanna will find an ally in unexpected in what has been his nemesis, CIA agent Marissa Wiegler (Mireille Enos) who must protect herself and Hanna from the organization without scruples, at one time, trusted. Penetrating ever more deeply in the depths of The Meadows, Hanna knows other guys like her, including Sandy (Áine Rose Daly) and Jules (Gianna Kiehl's), and begins to question his own role in the program's murderous Utrax, and what is really his place in the world.


Output: July 17, 2020

Absentia returns with 10 new episodes on Amazon Prime Video. After the dramatic events of the second season, Emily Byrne (Stana Katic) spent the last days of his suspension by the FBI and is doing its best to be the best mother possible for Flynn. But his world is upset when a new case international explodes near them, threatening the family that Emily desperately tries to hold together. She and ex-husband, the special agent Nick Durand (Patrick Heusinger), they have no choice and are forced to intervene, so that the life of Nick will be in danger.

Following a trail of bloody events, Emily runs against time to save Nick and ends up discovering a conspiracy far larger than what he had imagined . In face of the resistance of the FBI to his request to search for Nick, decides to take the situation in hand and devises a plan risky that will lead her to face Colin Dawkins (Geoff Bell), the man who will finally lead them to the ex-husband. With the help of his mentor at the FBI Rowena Kincade (Josette Simon) puts up a brilliant ruse, and part with the special agent Cal Isaac (Matthew Le Nevez) facing a dangerous journey that will take you far away from Boston, putting it to the test like never before and forcing her to start to trust others, to love and to understand what is really his place in the world, after all that has past.

The cast of Absentia also includes Neil Jackson in the role of ‘Jack Byrne’, Natasha Little in the role of ‘Julianne Completed’, Paul Freeman in the role of ‘Warren Byrne’, Patrick McAuley, in the role of ‘Flynn Durand and Christopher Colquhoun in the role of ‘Derek the Crown’. Absentia is produced by Bizu Productions in collaboration with Gemstone Studios of Sony Pictures Television.

Jim Gaffigan's The Pale Tourist

Output: 24 July 2020

in The wake of the success of the eponymous world tour of stand-up comedy , Jim Gaffigan: The Pale Tourist made its debut on the First Video Friday, July 24. The special in two parts, starring Jim Gaffigan, american comedian and actor, winner of an Emmy, nominated for a Grammy, included among the best-selling authors from the New York Times, here to grips with a try seemingly impossible: to visit a country without any experience and preparation on the uses and customs of the place and then write new material and recite it.

In The Pale Tourist, Gaffigan is an adventure where no comedian was ever pushed everywhere. The special two hours long and was filmed during the world tour The Pale Tourist with which Gaffigan has traveled the world meeting people, tasting local food, learning something of the history of each country, and then transform it into a new set of stand-up comedy for the people of the place, and not only that, before heading to a new destination and start all over again.

Other news

Films and documentaries

Fast & Furious 7 film in the franchise | July 1, The Other Woman of the King | July 1, Shakespeare in Love | July 1, First Man | July 3, 18 Gifts | July 6, Ben Is Back | July 9, Favolacce | July 10, Unravelling Athena | July 13, The Grinch | July 20, 1917 | July 23, as The Rhythm Section | July 23, Machines mortal | July 27, I'll Come, too | 27 July, The Thief of Days | July 28,

Tv Series

Modern Family – the tenth season | July 1, American – Horror-Story- 5 seasons | July 1, Glee – seasons 6 | 1 July Mad Men – 7 seasons | July 3, Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior – first season | July 6, " the X-Files – 10 seasons | July 7, The Fix – the first season | July 13, Sons of Anarchy – 7 seasons | July 15, Pirate & Captain – the first season | July 15

Movies and series at maturity


Smallville – 10 seasons | up to July 2, the Quantum – 3 season | until 5 July Person of Interest – 5 seasons l until July 9


American Sniper l until July 3, My Brother is an Only Child l until July 3, Interstellar l until July 6, Gravity l up to July 7, My and The White Lion | up to 16 July, would you like to see Amazon Prime Videos on your television, but you do not have a Smart Tv? Here is the Fire Tv Stick of Amazon that will allow you to get all the streaming platforms and not just a app!

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