Fortnite, Season 3: location of the XP Tokens of Week 1 and 2

Fortnite, Season 3: location of the XP Tokens of Week 1 and 2
With the Season 3 of Fortnite Chapter 2, also the XP Tokens, collectible that are added to the map every week and allow you to accumulate some experience points without particular difficulties.

Collecting them is very simple, also because at the moment there are no orange tokens that ask the player to enter one of the vaults of the protected areas of the bosses. During the first two weeks, in fact, only green and purple tokens were added to the map. The former can simply be collected by moving their character in their correspondence, the latter are more particular and, in contact with the player, they are divided into many mini-chips that should all be collected (skipping someone is not a problem, but you will get less XP ).

Before leaving you to the image with the position of the XP Tokens of Week 1 and 2, we remind you that the perfect way to collect these objects is to participate in matches of the Team Brawl mode, in which it is very easy to move quickly from one place to another on the map.

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