Fortnite, Season 3: how to complete all the challenges of Week 2

Fortnite, Season 3: how to complete all the challenges of Week 2
Are you having trouble completing one or more of Fortnite Week 2's challenges Chapter 2 Season 3? Then follow our advice to complete each of the new weekly missions.

Use several Ziplines to the Authority (0/8)

To complete this challenge you will have to interact at least once with each of the ropes present in this point of interest. In our guide on how to use different ziplines at the Fortnite Authority you will find precise indications on their position.

Search treasure chests or boxes of ammunition in Holly Hedges (0/7)

Another challenge very simple: land in Siepi d'Agrifoglio and open all the chests and ammunition boxes you find around. You don't have to open everything in the same game, so take your time.

Find Deadpool's inflatables at the Yacht (0/3)

This mission requires you to collect the three Pool inflatables of the talkative mercenary, scattered around his new dedicated area on the Season 3 map. Again you will find the guide with the position of the Deadpool inflatables at the Fortnite Yacht.

Go for a goal on the football pitch in Pacific Park (0/1)

This challenge can be completed in a matter of seconds: land on the pitch in Pacific Park and push the ball into one of the two goals. If you have trouble completing the challenge in normal games, try doing it in Team Brawl, where you are much more likely to be the only ones wandering around that area.

Eliminations at Lake Languido (0/3)

As all the other weekly challenges of this type, you have to eliminate other players in a specific place of the map, not necessarily in the same game. Continue to land in the Lake languid until you do manage to collect three kills. By completing this challenge at the rear of his publication, you are more likely that the point of interest is the most crowded, semplificandovi the work.

Hit of the Henchmen at the head of the Fortiglia (0/20)

To complete this challenge you need to land the Fortiglia and hit 20 times in the head's Minions or the enemies controlled by Artificial Intelligence. Know that in Brawl Teams, these enemies are not present, then you must necessarily carry out the mission in the traditional manner.

Gathers or consumes items to collect in the Orchard (0/5)

it Is in this case of another challenge very easy to complete: go to the orchard and pick up or eat objects for restore shield or health. On our pages you can find the guide on how to gather or consume objects at the Orchard Fortnite Season 3> .

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