Metal Gear Solid V and many other Konami titles up to 79% off on GamersGate!

Metal Gear Solid V and many other Konami titles up to 79% off on GamersGate!
Many of the most famous and iconic sagas in the videogame world can be traced directly to Konami, the Japanese publisher who gave birth to some of the most successful and appreciated series ever. How can we forget, for example, Castlevania, Metal Gear Solid or Bomberman, with such franchises that have literally imprinted their name in the history of the video game sector. In case you are looking for some title of these sagas you will be glad to know that on GamersGate there are many of them on offer with discounts up to 79%. But hurry up: these discounts will only last until July 10th.

Our selection of products:

Metal Gear Solid V The Definitive Edition | € 6.15 (€ 29.99) Metal Gear Survive | € 8.20 (€ 39.99) Metal Gear Rising Revengeance | € 4.10 (€ 19.99) eFootbal PES 2020 | € 10.25 (€ 24.99) eFootbal PES 2020 Legend Edition | € 14.35 (€ 34.99) Super Bomberman R | € 8.20 (€ 39.99) Castlevania Anniversary Collection | € 5.57 (€ 19.99) Castlevania Lords of Shadow Ultimate Edition | € 5.12 (€ 24.99) Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2 | € 6.15 (€ 29.99) Castlevania Lords of Shadow Mirror of Fate | € 2.46 (€ 11.99) Contra Rogue Ops | € 8.20 (€ 39.99) Contra Anniversary Collection | € 5.57 (€ 19.99) Zone of the Enders: The Second Runner | € 6.15 (€ 29.99) As can be easily seen from the list above, the Konami titles currently discounted up to 79% are really many and all of great interest. If you intend to buy some, we remind you again that you have time until next July 10th, the date on which these games will return to GamersGate at full price. Below you can find the link that will take you comfortably to the main page of the promotion.

"Click here to take a look at all the Konami titles at a discounted price"

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