Diablo 3 is updated for Season 21: here are the news of the Storm Trials

Diablo 3 is updated for Season 21: here are the news of the Storm Trials
After doing a bump of information on open world and secondary missions of Diablo 4, we witness the umpteenth evolution coming for Diablo 3. From the columns of the official site, Blizzard announces all the news that will accompany Season 21 with the Storms Trials.

With the update of Diablo 3 which recently affected the PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch versions of the blockbuster rolistic action, Blizzard has laid the foundations for the surprises that await us with the arrival of the Season 21, expected on all platforms for July 3.

The Californian software house invites all Sanctuarium explorers to prepare for the advent of new activities related to the Trials of the Storms. During the next ingame phase that will cross Diablo III, those who undertake the seasonal path together with their Nefilim will occasionally channel an elemental power to be thrown on the surrounding environment for a limited period of time.

The powers described by Blizzard, with 90 second reload times, they include Meteors that rain from the sky, crackling electricity, a wall of fire, a tornado of pure energy and avalanches to crush enemies. Those who grapple with the challenges of the Trials of the Storms will get the wonderful Marchingegno mascot and the Factory portrait frame, as well as inventory cards for each Conqueror ranks reached in the previous seasonal courses, up to a maximum of five.

during the Season 21 you will have the opportunity to schedule of the challenges related to activities, such as Curse or Alignment Star by choosing an event from the treasure Chest cursed that requires the killing of monsters. There will also be new Gifts to Haedrig to open by completing Chapters 2, 3 and 4 of the Route is Seasonal, with a full unlock for the classes the Barbarian (Power Earth), Crusader (Spines of the Invoker), Demon Hunter (Blanket of Shadows), Monaco (Clothing of the Monkey King), witch doctor (the Role of the Collector of Jade), Mage (Cloak of the Phoenix) and the Necromancer (the Grace of Inarius).

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