Pokémon Android, unofficial free game appears on Huawei AppGallery

Pokémon Android, unofficial free game appears on Huawei AppGallery
Game of Monster. Epic Pet. Spirit Monster. Fate World. Land of Monster. Myst Legends. Mega Catch. PokeLand Legends. Probably nobody knows how many names have been used for this title for Android (believe it, there are many more). The fact is that, after years of removal from the Play Store, the unofficial game of Pokémon has returned.

In fact, the developers have published the title on Huawei AppGallery, which is the official store pre-installed on the Chinese company's devices , which the Huawei / Honor group is advertising more and more following the ban suffered by the United States of America (which makes it impossible to use the Play Store on smartphones and tablets with renewed hardware).

Being of a relatively "young" store, the controls are not the easiest to carry out and therefore "inconveniences" of this type may arise, as we have already made it known in our guide to HMS smartphones and tablets (in which we had reported the presence of a "very dubious version" of the Opera browser).

By the way, taking a look at the other applications published by the same developer (with an untranslatable Chinese name) on the AppGallery, there is also Z Warrior L egend, a game related to Dragon Ball (which, among other things, weighs only 6.2 MB).

In any case, we remind you that AppGallery allows you to report "dubious" apps: just press on the "Report" item at the bottom of the app page and choose the reason. This is the page of PokeLand Legends.

It is certainly not the first time that we have witnessed such an event. The most attentive of you will surely remember Pokémon Evolution, a title that had appeared on the Samsung Galaxy Store in mid 2019.

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