Windows 10: frequent updates also for companies?

Windows 10: frequent updates also for companies?
With the May 2020 Update rollout launched a month ago, the Redmond group has, among other things, eliminated the possibility of postponing the installation of updates for the Pro, Enterprise and Education editions of the Windows 10 operating system for up to a year, lowering the 35-day period as for the Home version of the platform.

Windows 10: Microsoft changes the update policy

A change that directly affects the professional world and the companies that they find themselves having to manage a large number of PCs. Initially labeled as a bug, the news was instead claimed as "voluntary and intentional" by Microsoft in an official support document. Here is a passage in translated form.

Last year we changed the update policies for Windows 10 so as to affect only devices running a version close to the end of service. As a result, many have made an update only once a year. To ensure that all devices can get the most out of this novelty and to prevent any confusion we have removed the possibility of postponing updates in the advanced Windows Update options starting from the 2004 version of Windows 10. If you want to continue leveraging the referral updates you can use the local Group Policy.

change one-sided will turn up their nose at many of them, especially with those who are not particularly inclined to install the frequent updates issued by the software house for all machines supplied to employees and contractors because of the many problems that have emerged in the last period between bugs and vulnerabilities. Administrators will still be able to continue to defer the updates to a maximum of 365 days, acting as written on Group Policy.

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