Riot Games Social Impact Fund: details revealed on fundraising against Covid-19!

Riot Games Social Impact Fund: details revealed on fundraising against Covid-19!
Last month, during the 48 hours of the Mid-Season Streamathon, Riot Games collected over $ 630,000 in donations for the fight against COVID-19!

To date, Riot Games has also donated an additional $ 4.5 million to support aid against the pandemic.

Despite these small goals, the company has decided to focus more on high, by allocating a fundraiser through the RiotGames Social Impact Found, at ImpactAssets, their financial partner for charity, with the aim of donating resources to the various entities that fight daily against the virus that has afflicted, and still afflicts, the entire globe.

Riot has also added a series of purchasable items on League Of Legends, such as Appearances, Chroma, Icons and Emotes!

The complete list of items includes:

Appearance Shen Surgeon Chroma Shen Surgeon Set border and icon Shen Surgeon Appearance Akali Nurse Chroma Akali Nurse Set border and icon Akali Nurse Appearance Doctor Kennen Chroma Doctor Kennen Set border and icon Doctor Kennen Emote From Akali with love! Megadonator Bundle (includes all the items listed above, plus an exclusive Megadonator icon) Below, you can find all the details!

League of Legends VS Covid-19: graphic rework for the champions of the "hospital" line The fundraising event will last from 22:00 CEST on 25 June 2020 to 22:00 CEST on 23 July 2020!

All items in the shop related to fundraising will have the "Social Impact" symbol.

Personally? I will buy Akali and Shen to try to make my very small contribution to their cause.

Da Cavallo, step and close.

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