Fable and Perfect Dark spotted on Twitter, announcement at the Xbox Series X event?

Fable and Perfect Dark spotted on Twitter, announcement at the Xbox Series X event?
The wait for the Xbox Series X games event in July continues, during which Microsoft will reveal its best cards by presenting the exclusives arriving on Xbox Series X and in development at Xbox Game Studios.

Halo Infinite will be the great star of the event - it has been known for quite a while - 343 Industries can't wait to show it, and the promotional campaign, made up of teasers and clues, is now beautiful that has started. But what else will be shown during the event? Little is known about the official, but some interesting suggestions may have come from Twitter ...

Fans have indeed found two accounts called @fable and @PerfectDarkGame, apparently related to the notes IP Fable, whose fourth chapter has repeatedly been associated with Playground Games, and Perfect Dark. The first account was registered in March, while the second one this month: both are also identified with the placeholder name, as well as being unused. Anyone could record profiles with these high-sounding names, but Tom Verren, Senior Editor of The Verge, pointed out that one is followed by a Microsoft Xbox employee, the other is registered with an email from the Redmond house.

The two account, then, at first glance, they seem genuine... and actually are ! Aaron Greenberg, the marketing lead for Xbox, has confirmed the paternity of Microsoft, but at the same time tried to turn off the enthusiasm of the fans, explaining: "These accounts are inactive since years, it is standard practice to ensure the names of our IP on the social". Something, however, does not return: the account is not inactive for years, were recorded very little , therefore, as is noted Warren, "the plot does not stand up" . That Greenberg and Microsoft are trying to hide something? The return of the Fable, and Perfect Dark will enliven the event of the games of the Xbox Series the X of July? We'll know in a little weeks, but it is fair to point out that the return of the two IP had been predicted even from the insider Sabi , which is notoriously reliable, not very long ago...

Update 13:00 - It is discovered that the account of Perfect Dark was created by a fan, and not by Microsoft. To reveal it was himself after the hustle and bustle that is generated in the network. It's surprising, in any case, that has immediately gained the following of a leader of Redmond. The account of the Fable, is, instead, a genuine and belonging to Microsoft.

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