No Straight Roads, the proven

No Straight Roads, the proven


To the rhythm of music Few keys but with rock in your veins Certainties and Doubts Epic is fighting a very hard battle against Steam and after having started with a spur, giving products of every range, she has come to put on her store of the likes of Grand Theft Auto V. The goal is one: to convey as many people as possible to the Epic Store, by installing the new platform on PCs all over the world and at the same time trying to make it open like this. how to check the new offers and, why not, maybe start making some purchases to enrich a library that, only with free games, is already starting to be quite impressive.

Obviously, however, for the godmother of the Unreal Engine, this is still not enough and the next step is to start ripping exclusives of all kinds from Valve's hands. If for now the triple A latitano - or rather lately it is Steam that has won a new battle with the mass return of Electronic Arts - Epic therefore wants to start earning independent titles with good premises. This is the time to talk to you in preview about No Straight Roads, an original game with excellent premises which we had the opportunity to play in the last weekend. Two intense hours of neon colors, electronic music and interesting gags that offered us a more than tasty overview of what awaits us in the final version of the Metronomik title.

the rhythm of music

No Straight Roads comes in the beginning of a hot summer, a season in which the structure and themes of The Last of Us II have scored gamers, leaving them to be now looking for an experience more light and carefree, perhaps to deal with being able to turn off the brain and without too much effort. In the case where there ritrovaste in the words here written, then know that this is No Straight Roads should fit right in your list of wishes, whatever the reference platform. We are not in front of a game is particularly demanding from a technical point of view, and then we can already say by now that the version Switch should not have any problems in terms of fluidity. The title, in fact, relies on a construction of low poly environments and characters, without, however, put aside the bright colors and the creative flair essential to stand out from the mass of titles on the market. To welcome you will find a world that is dark but colourful, neon-and particular environments that tend to hit due to their uniqueness. The story at the base of the NSR was born scimmiottando the events of the talent most common musical but quickly evolves to instill the strong desire of discovery and revenge, perfect for wanting to continue to play level after level. In the title, directed by Wan Hazmer, the lead game designer of Final Fantasy XV and Daim Dziauddin, concept artist of Street Fighter V, you will take the control of the Mayday and Zuke, a guitarist and a drummer, I decided to bring a bit of Rock to Vinyl city, a city dominated by electronic music.

The EDM seems to have completely brainwashed the citizens, subdued and made slaves of the songs monotonous and repetitive. Despite a performance by scream, our duo fails to enter the heart of the judges with Tatiana, the Mara Maionchi, of NSR, which with its "for me this is no" them bowl without right of reply. Yet the schitarrata rock with a riff that only seemed to be successful in order to conquer a large part of the public , a sign that something fishy had been moved behind the scenes to make them triumph. From here the adventure begins to uncover the reality and bring back the rock on the throne of the music. Storyline is quite funny and told in a delicious way, with characters well-characterized and designed properly that could also hide some gem, or at least we hope so, in the advanced stages of the game.

a Few buttons, but with the rock in the veins

Unfortunately, No Straight Roads was made to play only for two overall levels, with the same number of battles against the boss, but from what we saw the cards do well at launch are already all on the table. The first important thing to stress is undoubtedly the ability to play co-operatively locally, with your friend, sharing the screen as a classic scrolling brawler. The game mechanics here but they tend to be extremely different, based on the pace and attack to the music, more than simple combos, and taken by the chain between them. Your freedom of movement is total and you are not obligated to follow the bpm, as in the Crypt of the Necrodancer , so to speak, having to do only attention to the various shots in the distance and moves the body to the body of the opponents, the ones you run in time to the music. To structure a gameplay of the genre, the game designers have thought up to reach levels in the corridor, large enough to give life to double jump, step platform (not too successful), and crammed with hazards that will require that you dodge with a roll in sync with the music. Combo and shots of the guitar will be your weapons to respond to the opponents, with the possibility, in the case where you played alone, jumping from May to the Zuke with the simple push of a button in a sort of tag team.

levels, however, are only preparatory steps against the dj of the end of the level boss, a lot stubborn, but not too difficult to deal with, which will require only a bit of gray-matter and rhythm to be defeated. Spectacular the stage end with a lot of different stages with increasing difficulty to maintain a high bar of adrenaline. You'll have to dodge lasers, hit planets, slip on the notes in the depths of the ocean, and also battle against boy band angry for a variety that should not be missing in the final version. The only thing that a little has left us perplexed is the decision of insisting on cramming the soundtrack with electronic music and although the title need to be an accusation against the majors that are choking the rock you will find yourself willy-nilly to play to the rhythm that just don't have anything to do with the sound that you would like instead to bring to the fore. There are even collectables and a hub to enrich restoring energy and gaining fans for your band with the mechanical personalization of the equipment, and special exhibitions in your mysterious rock cave, so many mechanics to explore in more depth the next 30 August.

No Straight Roads surprised us and enjoyed it, for the little that is done to taste. Does not have a system platformer particularly successful, or a model of combat ultra-technical, but the various stages, the way to tell the story, and the musicality of the production have made the center. The hope is that in the full version of the title, we will for the hands is an evolution of this first demo, with a finishing of all aspects for now only sketched. The idea of bringing to the fore the rock in a city controlled and dominated by electronic music works great and also the whole visual component, is able to mix in a satisfactory way, dark tones and bright colours, giving the views of all respect. We can't wait to to test again Mayday and Zuke!


the Structure of the game varied and convincing Characters Some levels really well-designed


Sections, the platform just fix the Combat is not very deep

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